Enchanted Forest Journal - Fabric Sculpting Workshop

Learn all the basics of fabric sculpting and create this stunning enchanted forest themed journal cover design.

Through a series of video tutorials, artist, Abigail Lagden will take you through how to create this project step by step.  You will learn how to work with different fabrics, textures and embellishments to create your magical design. I will then demonstrate my special colouring technique so that you can really enhance the detail and textures using colours and shading.

Project Kits

If you need the materials to create your journal, you can buy one of my Enchanted Forest Journal Workshop Project Kits in my shop.

The Basic Project Kit contains a blank A5 journal along with textures, fabrics and embellishments to create the design shown. 

The Full Project Kit contains everything in the basic kit, plus the fabric hardener, varnish, pigments, brush & gloves that you will need to complete the project.

Workshop Overview

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Meet Your Teacher

    • What to Expect From My Courses

    • How to Get the Most From This Course

  • 2

    Introduction to Fabric Sculpting and Fabric Hardeners

    • What is Fabric Sculpting?

    • Guide to Working With Fabric Hardeners

  • 3

    Enchanted Forest Journal - Fabric Sculpting Workshop

    • Introduction to Enchanted Forest Journal Workshop

    • Materials - What are We Going to Need?

    • Prepare Your Workspace

    • Preparing Your Journal

    • Creating Your Design - Sculpting with Fabrics

    • Applying Colour to Your Journal

    • Finished Journal

  • 4

    Additional Inspiration and Ideas

    • Other Journal Examples & Designs

  • 5

    What Next?

    • You've Finished! What Now?

  • 6

    Additional Resources

    • Choosing Your Base Colour

    • Talking Textures

    • Creating Embellishments with Moulds & Air Drying Clay

    • What are the Differences Between the Different Brands of Fabric Hardeners?

  • 7

    Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

    • Help! I can't get the lid off the bottle!

    • Help! My fabric hardener has gone all runny/gloopy!

    • Sticky Sausage Fingers!

    • Looking after your tools (brushes, etc.)

    • Re-using & reducing plastic waste

    • Adding bling & other embellishments you don't want to paint

    • Working with plastic bases & embellishments

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